Persistance & Planning create Abundance!


Greetings – Tuesday – May 26th., 2009
Today with the Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, & Neptune influence no doubt it’s a great time to talk, plan & schedule the launch of upcoming projects. What you’ve merely dreamed about can suddenly ‘become’ your reality in more ways than one. Tap into those areas of your life from the past that you seriously wanted ‘to see’ CHANGE. Today’s cosmic forces allow us to ‘Envision’ specific areas of our lives where we desire to incorporate or ‘gather’ together those like-minded people whom we need in order to build a foundation where we truly can ‘launch our dreams’…making them happen specifically over the next 120 days.

Count on your calendar 120 days from today. That will be, roughly Sept 24th., 2009
at which time we will ‘again’ be in Mercury Retrograde. This gives you a great visual right now… meaning that what you do today & this week, will certainly come full circle ‘showing you’ the result of ‘those plans’ made this week… the week of Sept 24th or there about.

So…what are you waiting for? Get down to business, be real with yourself and with others. Speak your truth about what it is you want, need & desire in your life. It is via your action plan that you will manifest what you set out to do. It’s a matter of being patient, being honest, & being true ‘to you’… no excuses, you’re too good for for excuses. Honesty, plain & simple…and as the saying goes, ‘The Truth Will Set you Free’. 🙂

I am available today between 9am & 2pm., pacific &
then again this evening between 7pm & Midnite, pacific!!

I am extending my hours tonight ‘Tuesday’ & ‘Thursday’ nite of this week until
Midnite both nites due to being away between Friday May 29th., until Friday,
June 5th.

Enjoy a blessed day and evening.

Aloha hugs & love,
Daija ext 32452

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