Neptune & the Moon: Fantasy, Passion & Pleasure


Greetings – Thursday – May 28th., 2009
Today’s big headline is Neptune Retrograde! This is quite good for romance…and mixed with a delicious Leo Moon, oh what a fantasy we’ll continue to live for the next several weeks, mixed with quite a bit of passion —at least for the next day or two, as we head into the weekend.  And please don’t confuse ‘passion’ with mere act of ‘sex’ or ‘erotica’.

What is Passion? Passion is a gift of the spirit combined with the totality of all the experiences we’ve lived through. It endows each of us with the power to live and communicate with unbridled enthusiasm. Passion is most evident when the mind, body and spirit work together to create, develop and articulate or make manifest our feelings, ideas and most sacred values into a ‘tangible’ that we enjoy, &/or live by. Passion enables us to overcome obstacles (real & imagined) and to see the world as a place of infinite or unlimited potential. The passionate spirit looks at every occurrence and discovers the golden kernels of what can be, what should be and what will be.

And the best part about passion is this, we cannot fake ‘Passion’. It is there or it’s not! And well, today, we can all ponder our passions with great intensity, ruling out those areas, people or things in our lives that we have little or ‘no’ passion for. Create a life filled with passion— by looking at where Neptune & your Moon station in your chart. It is there where you can begin to ‘see’ what moves you, what ‘turns’ you on or gets you motivated to change your life from ho hum to HAVING FUN!

I am on today between 9am & 2pm., pacific & then again this evening between 7pm & Midnite., pacific! 

REMEMBER …I am away & unavailable beginning tomorrow, Friday, between May 29th & Friday, June 5th.


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