WEEKEND UPDATE: Another Scorpio Full Moon ahead, in 2008! Transitions abound!


Weekend Update!!
So Here we go into our second Scorpio Full Moon (in Taurus this year—the first April 20th) Weekend—with Monday & Tuesday bringing the FULL MOON. Because  it’s a watery & seductive Moon, you’ll be feeling this all weekend long! What do you want, and what do you want to ‘get rid of’? That is the question with this ‘second Scorpio Full Moon’ in Taurus, this year, it’s sort of a ‘second chance’ if you will to get yourself in gear, and decide one way or another based on how you ‘feel’ and ‘what you think and believe’ to be true for you regardless of what the issue is, decision time is ‘HERE’ & this launches big plans ahead!!

Chiron, Mercury & Neptune are all only days away from turning Retrograde —hence their influence is heightened
during this FULL MOON! Prepare for feelings to be talked about, and romance to come alive!

So where do these planets sit in your chart—-let’s take a peek, together sometime today or this weekend, I’m available every morning between 9am & 1pm., pacific time and then in the evening, ‘this weekend’ only between 7pm & 10pm. pacific.

Call me this weekend, to talk about your upcoming week. I’m going to be Away &UnavailableALL NEXT WEEK between Monday May 19th & Saturday May 24th.

Now enjoy this awesome FRIDAY & Perfect wkend ahead!
Talk with you soon…
Blessings & Love,~Daija xo
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